Library’s History



Along with the establishment of the University of Harokopio in 1991, the Central Library of the institution, which operates as an autonomous decentralized service at level of Division, is also founded. In 1995 the Library and Information Centre begins the scientific organization of its material in accordance with the International Librarian rules and standards. Specifically uses the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules (AACR2) and the Library of Congress Subject Headings. The authorization of the names derives from the Library of Congress Name Authorities and from the National Library of Greece Name Authorities. Finally, the classification is done according to the Dewey Decimal System 22nd ed.

In 1996 the Library and Information Centre is being incorporated in the 3rd Community Support Program (OP) – Academic Libraries (OperationalProgram for Educationand InitialVocationalTraining) andgradually beginsto develop:

  • additional staff is being recruited

  • the material is being enriched with more books and journals and it’s being organized in sections

  • new services to users are being initiated

From the first day of its foundation and until June 2000 the Library was operating in an area of 120 m2 at the 1st floor of the Central building of the University. From November 2000 and since it operates at the 4th floor of the new wing “Evanthia - Petroutsi - Harokopou” of Harokopio University, an area of total 540 m2, at El. Venizelou 70, PC 17671, Kallithea. In September of 2002 begins the implementation of the action “Support, Enrichment and Modernization of the Library of Harokopio University under the OP II”

The Library and Information Centre with the evolution and development of the processes around the area of scientific information is now in a position to serve sufficiently all members of the Academic community.

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