Services for disabled users

The Consortium of the HEAL-Link (Hellenic Academic Libraries Link) focuses on the support of the disabled users by developing the digital library AMELib (Accessible Multi-modal Electronic Library) according to the framework of 9.7. The AMeLib aims at solving the barriers of accessibility to reading materials that disabled users of Greek Academic Libraries confront. The content of AMELib is based on the implementation of the Greek law about the exception of the creators’ copyright only for the users with additional needs.

The Library and Information Center of Harokopio University has embedded special services to support adequately the disabled users since 2016. In accordance with the Ministerial Decision with the number YPPO/DIOIK/98546 (FEK Β2065 24.10.2007) “the reproduction of intellectual property for the benefit of the blind and deaf, and extension of the regulation to other categories of disabled persons”, the Library and Information Centre of Harokopio University is one of the official partners for the reproduction of the reading material, which are addressed only to the disabled users.

In continuation of these services, the Library through the project “Support of Social Welfare Interventions of Students of Harokopio University” was recruited with an extra librarian dedicated to support the disabled users (such as deaf, blind and print disabled) in 2019. Therefore, the staff of the Library constantly expands the provided services such as the information literacy of beneficiaries, the processing of digital materials in AMELIb, the spread of the service towards the academic community.

The multimodal digital library AMELib ( contains digital documents according to the suggested academic reading materials in pdf, word, daisy, epub and mp3 format. The authorized users who are subscribed to the service and informed about copyright protection laws search through the available collections of AMELib and they can contact for further relevant digital documents with the staff of the Library. Additional information for the AMELib is here.

Users Registration: The access in AMELib is devoted only to disabled users. These users contact with the Library in order a new account inside the AMELib to be created for giving them full access to digital collections.

Access to the Library space: The Library is easily accessible to all users. The students with mobility restrictions are able to visit the physical space of the Library from the 2nd level of the New Building “Evanthia Petroutsi” (known also as Library’s building) by using the elevator to the 4th level where Library is located.  

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