According to the University’s administrative authority’s decision, the submission of the grey literature (undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD dissertations and theses) created in the context of the Institution is considered to be mandatory for all students in order to complete the typical educational procedure.

The process is totally automated and students are obligated to submit (by the self-deposition method) the final form of their dissertation or thesis in an electronic format at least ten days before the graduation.


Thesis deposition in print form is still in value only for PhDs.


For completing the self deposition process the instructions bellow must be followed:


  • The faculty’s secretariat informs students, via an e-mail sent to their institutional e-mail account, that they fulfill the conditions for depositing their dissertation/thesis to the University’s repository “ESTIA”.

  • The link for login in to the application can be also found on the Library’s and Information Centre (LIC’s) webpage under the tab “ESTIA”.

  • After receiving the e-mail, students must reinsure that the copyright of their original dissertation/thesis neither offends persons nor insults third parts’ copyrights.

They also accept that the Library & Information Center can dispose their thesis in electronic form - without changing its content - through its Digital Library, copy it on any means or in any formats for conservation and safety purposes.

  • After login in to the application, the students will be directed to the submission screen where they have to fill out the form with all the necessary metadata (e.g. name, thesis title in Greek and English, Greek and English summary, pages number, illustrations, Greek and English key words), that later will be uploaded to the repository.

Students are required to deposit a copy of the final version of their dissertation/thesis, as it has been approved by the Examination Committee and corrected according to their indications (in any such case). All digital dissertations and theses should be converted to .pdf format before the uploading.

  • The .pdf file should be named under the name of the student and their department according to the following structure: Surname_Name_Department e.g. Elytis_Odysseas_GEO.

  • The LIC then receives and checks the dissertation/thesis. If there are no mistakes the LIC informs electronically the faculty secretariat upon the completion of the submission done by the student.

At the same time the student is informed that his/her dissertation/thesis was received and uploaded successfully.

  • In case the authorized personnel of LIC detects any mistakes in the metadata or at the file format, the student will be informed by an e-mail in order to correct them and submit his/her dissertation/thesis again.

  • Students, after submitting their dissertation/thesis, must check regularly their e-mail accounts so as to be informed upon the completion of the submission or of any changes needed.

  • When the submission process is completed again successfully, the LIC approves it and the dissertation/thesis is automatically uploaded to “ESTIA”. Finally the faculty secretariat as well as the student is informed.

  • Notice that the uploading of a PhD thesis is an immediate procedure except if the candidate embargoes it for a specific time period, which he/she will choose as soon as he/she enters the application. In case he/she doesn’t choose a time period then the thesis will be immediately uploaded to “ESTIA” and consequently will be freely available on the web.


Students who successfully complete the deposit procedure of their dissertation/thesis should come to LIC and return their library cards in order to receive a certification that will assure that they have no further obligations to the LIC. This certification afterwards should be handed to their secretariat so as to proceed with the graduation process.


Thesis layout


In order for the LIC to have a uniform format for management issues the dissertation/thesis must necessarily meet the following layout requirements:


-Title page

-Acknowledgements (optionally)

-Table of contents

-Thesis text (introduction, main part, conclusions)


-Appendices (figures, maps, graphs)

Font: Times New Roman

Font size: 12

Page layout: A4 (if for any reason the thesis includes graphs with size bigger than A4, then they have to be bound and furled within the body of the thesis).

Margins: 2 cm. (above, below, right), 2.5cm left

Fit text: Justify

Paragraph form: Line spacing 1.5 cm


Copyright owner remains the author, i.e. the master or the PhD owner, or the teacher, who through the deposition form grants the Library with the right to publish the thesis and make it available through the Internet, via the institutional repository.

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